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The prototype gundam from which the 5 other gundams were developed in Gundam Wing, makes a new appearance as interpreted by Hajime Katoki for the Endless Waltz manga. Following the same styling as the other Ver EW designs, Wing Gundam Proto Zero has been reproduced with new proportions and utilizes a modified xxx-g frame for construction and can transform into Neo Bird Mode. Iconic weapons including twin Buster rifle, shield with extending nose gimmick, shoulder mounted machine cannons and beam sabers are included. New features include foldable canards on shield and redesigned thruster wings that can unfold further outward. 
  • Movable frame, the head and lower body can rotated 180 degrees, interlocking opening and closing characteristic wing. Side armor fin is movable.
  • The machine Cannon hatch of the shoulder closure. Quadruple Vulcan finely reproduce in detail. 
  • Shoulder armor is opened and closed by a double structure. Storage of beam saber reproduces the interior of the vernier. 
  • Twin Buster rifle is reproduced in an overwhelming sense of scale. Divided into left and right is also possible. 
  • Colored plastic, little to no paint required to replicate appearance
  • Stand included.  Can be desplayed in Neobado form.Molded article × 18, foil seal × 1, dry decal × 1, Tetoron seal × 1, assembly instructions × 1
  • Item Model Number: BAN183647

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