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This is one of the best Gundam mobile suits kit you can get. It is one of the highest rated kit's out there with little to no disappointed owners. If you get this kit be prepared for several hours if not days assembling it. Don't miss out on the fun and add this monster of a kit to your collection.

  • New features include sliding panels to reveal the interior mechanical detail, pop open thruster hatches in the legs, a second beam rifle, as well as redesigned beam tomahawk incorporating elements from the Sinanju,
  • LED unit compatibility for the head(Sold separately).
  • All iconic armaments including 6 funnels, beam rifle, beam tomahawk, beam sabers and shield are included.
  • Easy to assemble articulated model kit requiring no glue
  • Colored plastic, minimal to zero paint required
  • Runner x31, instruction manual x1, sticker x3
  • Item Model Number(SKU): BAN185135

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